How To Make 300mb Movies

The best and only tutorial on the planet
In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to encode movies with MeGUI,
First your going to need a good source for your movie your wanting to encode,
Anything in the 700Mb xViD encoded range should be good…

First your going to need MeGUI

Download it here


This is most up to date stable version

Install MeGUI run it and get it fully updated.
Then your going to need to download AviSynth,


This is the latest stable release

Install AviSynth, Then your going to need Nero AAC (Audio Codec) its excellent for compression,


Install Nero ACC executable files in the MeGUI folder which is;

#/Program files/meGUI

Restart your PC,

Start up MeGUI once its loaded press “CTRL+R”, That will open “AVISynth Script Creator”

1. Select the source movie you want to encode.
2. Make sure “Resize” Is UNTICKED.
3. Click save and save the script.

1. The AVS file you just made should already be selected if not then select it.
2. If the OUTPUT of the encoded file isn’t pre defined define it now.
3. Make sure the Codec is set at “x264”
4. Make sure “MKV” is selected as the file container.
5. Select “HQ-Slower” as the video profile.
6. Select the original video source as the audio input.
7. If the audio output isn’t yet defined define it now.
8. Select “NDAAC-HE-64Kbps” as the audio profile it provides perfect compression to bitrate ratio.
9. Select “ND AAC” as the codec
10. Select “MP4-AAC” as the audio extension.
11. Press “AutoEncode.

1. Select the container as “MKV”
2. Define your desired output of the encoded movie
3. Make sure the file size radio button is selected, And define the file size as 300MB or 400MB depending

on the length of the movie (Try to get the bitrate at 450ish)
4. Select “Queue”
5. Go to the Queue tab once your back on the main MeGUI page and select “Start down the bottum, It will ask

if you want to create a worker, Create one.

And that’s how you do it guys….

Only problem is for weak pcs as it will take about 3 hours

The solution for this is simple….


lol say thanks if you find this helpful

Download as free user



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