Customizing System Properties pictures

Probebly you have seen some links that have tutorials about changing “System Properties”
view,all of them that i had seen,just talk about changing one picture in this window But
There are two pictures that you can change and customize.Please take a look at mine at
attachment picture.

1. Make your favorite picture (152x114x24b BMP) for example as picture (1) in attachment
and name it “OEMLOGO.BMP”,then copy it to your …\system32 directory.
Now if you go to control panel and double click on “system”,you will see that your
picture is shown in down side/left of “System Properties” window (in tab general tab).

2. For changing the picture in upside/left of this window,Make your favorite picture as
picture (2) in attachment.Note that you can use a several sizes here,in this example i used
“128x128x24b BMP (see figure(2) in attachment).
Now,first make a backup of your …\system32\ sysdm.cpl file some where,then do as below:

Open sysdm.cpl by reshack (or your favorite program),go to BitMap section, and changes
bitmap number 1 as you see in picture (4) in attachment,then save it.Now if you put
this file in in your …\system32\ directory,then run “system” in contol panel,you will
see work is done OK.

Ofcourse you can do some more customizing by this file,but for this tutor that’s all.

enjoy it


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