Rapidshare Premium Speed’s As A Free User

Firstly you need Firefox, if you don’t have it, get it for this alone.
Secondly we need the Greasemonkey plugin.
Now go to this link



This is a zipped javascript code. Unzip it to wherever you need. I keep it on my desktop for easy access
Ok if you are a current RS premuim user and want to test this, log out of RS which should delete your cookie.
Ok so that’s the prep done, let’s carry on yeah?
In Firefox, click File, Open File. Find the javascript code that you downloaded and extracted and then click install. Then restart Firefox.
Ok that’s it! Done!
Now find a RS link (I haven’t got this to work on RS user directories as of yet) and go to the site. Accept any messages that come on screen, and don’t change any options.
Now RS will look a little different.
1. – Wait for the countdown to finish and a pop-up will appear,click OK
2. – Then click “Create Link”
3. – Finally click “Download Link”;
If the countdown does not appear then just hit “Create Link” straight away and all should work immediately
There you have it – Premium speed downloads at no and I mean NO cost to yourself.
Uninstall method;
Should you need to uninstall for any reason, click tools, greasemonkey, manage user scripts. The uninstall button is at the bottom. Also I’m not 100% sure if this will also avoid the waiting time between download’s.
Enjoy guy’s..


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