How to change IPs

This is a tutorial about changing IP addresses. You can change your IP address for various reasons

1.) because you got banned in a game from some server.

2.) you got banned from some crappy forums and want to get a nub back

3.) if you are downloading from somewhere like Rapidshare, you might not have patience to wait for 3 hours to download another file again, if you change your ip, you can download another file instantly having to still wait for your “ticket” tho.

Ok there are many ways of changing your IP πŸ˜‰

First is to go to the Start Menu and goto the RUN command.

after that type this:

blah blah blah>ipconfig

now see what your ip address is right NOW.

now you need to:
blah blah blah> ipconfig [SPACE ONCE] /release
(Note:this releases the IP address you are using now, and your internet wont work till u renew another IP address or the same one)

then like after 10-20 seconds do:
blah blah blah>ipconfig [SPACE ONCE] /renew
this gives you an iP address,either another one, or the same one you had before

that is one way of changing your IP Wink, note that it won’t work all the time.

Now if you don’t like all that technical stuff, then here is an easier way.

If you have a ROUTER, this is gonna be ownage.

Unplug your router power, and after that your DSL pwoer cable, wait for 10 seconds until your internet icon at the taskbar has an X with it.

now plug back your router in, then after 1 second of plugging your router in, plug that dsl of yours in.

When you are connected to the internet, try getting a file from rapidshare, and see if you can download.

If u can download, then congratulations, you have just changed your IP address πŸ˜€

(Note again: sooner or later, you will run out of IP addresses to change,but that will take a long time for it to happen)

Go nuts!

+rep if you like this tut and if it actually works for ya πŸ˜‰

Note:Not for people with static IP addresses


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