Spoofing: Access Many paysites for FREE

well folks, we’ve covered how to axx pornsites using accessdiver, but there is another, MUCH easier way that will instantly get you into tons of paysites with just a few clicks of your mouse.

it’s Called Spoofing. Basicly, what happens is when you enter a website your browser tells the site where it is you came from. what spoofing is, is making the site THINK you came from within it’s members area which then allows you to continue on without ever asking for a username or password.

So, how to get started you ask?

go here & download this program & it has a search type thing where you type in, say amature, or anal, or whatever & it’ll find hundreds of user submitted paysites that allow spoofing (allow it only because their coders suck with security)



that’s it folks. happy hunting !


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