Smartest Way of Changing Drives(e.g C: E:) Icons

1:-Simply Choose an icon which you want to set as icon.
2:-Than Right Click on desktop and Chose “New Text Document”
Write this text in it
Icon=”Icon name.ico” (without Quots)

3:-And then Go to File menu and choose “save as”
4:-Now Write name “Autorun.inf”
5:-Copy the file you created as well as your icon file to your desired Directory
6:-Restart Your PC and Be Amazed

Plz Dont Try if you have an Autorun Virus e.g Ravmon or Runounce in your PC

Things to Remember
1:-Use The mentioned text without Quots(means “)
2:-Always Write icon Name with Extention(e.g .ico)
3:-After Doing the Mentioned the Restart is Compulsory
Keep Smiling Always


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