@ECHO off
msg * Hi
msg * Are you having fun?
msg * I am!
msg * Lets have fun together!
msg * you know what i like the park
msg * do you like the park?
msg * because i do
msg * do u know the park is nice
msg * i think i can sound like i dino can u?
msg * tehahahaha
msg * oh whoops wrong laugh
msg * i
msg * ment
msg * tehehehehehe
msg * now thant sound better
msg * why the heck are you still clicking and reading?
msg * oh well i guess we are togther thats what counds
msg * i forgot how to spell counds..
msg * can you spell it?
msg * oh well
msg * lets count how many times you have clicked the on button
msg * 23
msg * 24
msg * 25
msg * 26
msg * 27
msg * 28
msg * 29
msg * 30
msg * 31
msg * 32
msg * 33
msg * 34
msg * 35
msg * 36
msg * 37
msg * 38
msg * 39
msg * 40
msg * 41
msg * 42
msg * 43
msg * well thats as high as i can count
msg * as a error message think thats good
msg * do you thinks thats good?
msg * oh well who cares your SKREWED any ways
msg * i guess you wil have to love me untill i tell you how to get rid of me
msg * ok here it goes..
msg * now first..
msg * ahhhhhhhhhhhh in being eaten by a fat man!!
msg * no really! click on a few more times!!
msg * more…
msg * more…..
msg * more
msg * more…
msg * more…
msg * more….
msg * more………………………….
msg * more…………………………………..
msg * more………………………………………. ..
msg * whoof he ran awa after some girl that looked like a donut
msg * ok now where were we
msg * oh yeah i was about to tell you that i was kidding about telling you soo soon
msg * whoops thats was not ment to be typed..
msg * *slaps his hand* bad freaking hand!!!
msg * ok now to get off topic
msg * do you like chikcne
msg * well thats it guess i should get going now…
msg * ok to get rid of me first
msg * go to your desktop
msg * right click
msg * click new
msg * click short cut wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at the top
msg * tpe in “shutdown -s -t 5 -c “hehehe im back” “
msg * you ahve to type exactly!!!!!!!!
msg * then click enter
msg * then click ok
msg * then double click on it and wala…

lol this one is annoying only way to get rid of it it shutdown and restart.
save as anything.bat


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