How to exceed your download limit on Rapidshare/Others

NOTE: complicated, and yes there are proxy sites to get around rapidshare, however there are none currently that’ll get around

Okay, here is a quick tutorial on how to get around those annoying “Wait X minutes before downloading” messages, as well as the one-file-at-a-time limits that are frequent on Rapidshare and similar sites. This tutorial uses Opera (because it has the best download manager), but can probably be adapted for any browser

Step 1. Since this will slow down each download quite a bit, pick 4 or 5 Rapidshares that you’ve always wanted. This will give you the most speed boost.

Step 2. Start the biggest one as you normally would, by clicking the “Free” button.

Step 3. Go to


and pick a proxy. configure your browser to use it. (In Opera, Tools/Preferences, Advanced tab, Network on the right, then click the Proxy Servers button.

Before the colon is the IP, after is the port.

Step 4: Finally, test it for speed. If the proxy seems pretty fast, start the next download, and repeat Step 3&4 until you have all your files downloading. If it seems too slow, repeat step 3 until you find a fast one.

That’s all! Most of you will already know about this, but it’s cool anyways.


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